Grow your own fresh food autonomously, at 0km and effortlessly

We believe that everyone can grow their own healthy, fresh and sustainable food independently.

80% less water
Occupise just 0.4 m²
Grow up to 50 plants

All natural no pesticides or other chemicals

No degradation of vitamins or mineral salts

Increased independence and nutritional autonomy

If you gave a man a salad, he will eat once but if you

teach him how to cultivate, he will nourish himself for life.

Complete hydroponic kit

  • 50 litre water tank
  • Grow up to 50 plants
  • Pump
  • Saucer with wheels
  • Set of organic seeds
  • Germination tray and foam
  • Nutrition
  • pH tester
  • Timer

Why use Hydroponic Vertical Garden?

Can be positioned anywhere, outdoors or indoors

Significant cost savings compared to stores

Better results with less effort

Easy to use. No experience requie

For those who want to eat healthy and organic

For those who have little time to dedicate to cultivation

Mobile, to protect plants from bad weather

Ideal for those who do not have land or large spaces

What can you cultivate?

and much more…

What are you waiting for?

Be the change you want to see in the world!

some photos of your towers 🙂

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