Hydroponic kit:

  • Hydroponic tower
  • Pump
  • Organic seeds
  • Germination kit
  • Timer
  • pH tester
  • Saucer with wheels
  • Nutrition
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Height – 1.70 m

Diameter of water tank – 0.48 m

N° of plants – 50

Capacity of water tank – 50 litres

Average power consumption of pump – 13 Wh

Required space – 0.40 m²

What is hydroponics

It is a soilless cultivation technique of vegetables, fruit and flowers in which the chemical characteristics of the soil are replaced by a combination of nutritional substances that are added to the water (mainly mineral salts) while maintaining the same composition. This system requires a small space, such as a small terrace and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation of plants and in any season.

some photos of your towers 🙂

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