Why use Hydroponic Vertical Garden

80% less water

During the hottest 4 months of the year, the Hydroponic Vertical Garden requires 35/45 litres per week of water to be added to the water tank every 5/7 days.
A traditional soil-based garden would require around 160 litres per week, 20/26 litres per day, for the same number of plants.



Less than 1 sqm

The Hydroponic Vertical Garden occupies just 0.4 m² and is ideal to be positioned in any outdoor or indoor space (in this case 4/5 hours of direct sunlight or led lights are required). It is also ideal for terraces and rooftops in cities and built-up areas.



Up to 50 plants

Grow up to 50 plants in your Hydroponic Vertical Garden



All natural

Hydroponic cultivation can generate optimal results without having to add any chemical products.
In fact, the plants do not come into contact with any of the bacteria, fungus and insects present in soil; if needed, it is possible to add a non-invasive natural and organic protective supplement to the plants.
Although the plants may be visited by winged insects and at times by small caterpillars, the consequent stress for the plants is not enough to require any poisonous substances.



No degradation

The interval between cutting the vegetables and serving them on a plate is just a matter of minutes.
This allows for the mineral salts and vitamins to remain intact as the quality of the plant does not have any time to start degrading or losing any nutrient.

Nutritional autonomy

The quantity of cultivated vegetables is proportioned to the number of Hydroponic Vertical Garden kits used and that can reduce purchases made from supermarkets thus providing nutritional autonomy and independence.

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